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Introduced by Namco and licensed to manufacture by Midway Games, Inc. in 1980, Pacman quickly became one of the worlds best known most loved icons ever. Pacman is a simplistic video games in which you use a 4 way joystick to maneuver around a simple maze eating dots and avoiding the 4 monsters within the maze. You move around to eat all the dots in order to clear the maze. Each new maze gets faster and faster until you get caught (and you will sooner or later) by the monsters. Your goal is to just get as far as possible to gain the most score.

By 1982 The little yellow man, touched off one of the biggest marketing campaigns in history. We soon saw Pacman phones, keychains, and even superbowl half time specials. No character was more recognized thought the world even today. It is estimated that there were some 250 to 300 thousand plus machines manufactured, with more then 100 thousand of them in the United States. In fact to this day, there are still Pacman machines in a lot of your local arcades, and a lot of people collect restored Pacman machines in their home now. Along with it's tremendous success, came a flood of clones, sequels, versions, and bootlegs. Plus the Internet has fueled Pacman online, MAME Pacman, Java Pacman, and even maze editors played out all on your home PC now. How does such a game last so long though year after year? One word.. Simplicity. It's the trill of a good chase in all of us. Pacman combines these basic elements needed to create a very long standing "classic" game. We use the word "classic" carefully, and only a handful of games can actually be carried on generation after generation, each generation discovering this timeless treasure. Pacman can be summed up by thinking of it as a great book, each time you read into it, it can transport you back to a special place, and increase your understanding and enjoyment of it.


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